Chieftain’s Chatter – March 2016

Well, a month has passed already since I was elected Chieftain. They do say time flies when you’re enjoying yourself. As a committee, we have been pretty much hard at it putting the Red Hot Chilli Pipers Concert and the Highland Games weekend together. I have done a fair bit of event  management during my time on the Society Committee and used to think that things got easier the more you did them. However, this is my first year on board the Highland Games organising committee.

Chieftain Ali King

Chieftain Ali King

Well, was I in for a shock! The amount of work involved in putting this one-day event together is incredible. From arranging the mass pipe bands to getting the heavies here from Scotland.  Making sure everyone has enough to eat and of course drink on the day. Making sure the kids have plenty to keep them occupied, looking out the old faithful tug-o-war rope. Having the caber checked and oiled, along with checking the welds on the shot-putts. Looking at security and parking, the list is never ending, and to be honest I never realised that the previous organising committees had done so much work – hats off to you guys!

The concert is pretty much organised and tickets are on sale through the Society website. Ticket sales are brisk, so please make your ticket/table reservations early to avoid disappointment.

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers are booked and raring to go! If past experience is anything to go by, they will put on a wonderful concert for us. This year the very funny Ro Campbell will also be appearing. An evening with Ro and Chillies, is not an evening to be missed.

Click on the Image to got to the Event Flyer

Click on the Image to go to the Event Flyer

As if all that lot was not enough to keep us occupied, the Society also has the task of organising the Inter-Societies Golf Tournament on 16th April 2016 at Templar Park Golf Club. We won the event last year and I take this opportunity to wish all our golfers good fortune in the coming tournament. Just make sure the Trophy remains in its rightful place – a tad north of Hadrian’s Wall!

Looking forward to seeing you all the coming events.

Regards as Always

Ali King, Chieftain

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