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Chieftain’s Chatter April 2023

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Dear All, It is with great honour and privilege that I become your 131st elected Chieftain of the Selangor St Andrews Society. Firstly, I would like to give special thanks to our Past Chieftain, Linda Ross. It was an absolute …
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ExpatGo Article by Alan Wallace

St. Andrew’s Day 2022 Greeting

In the words of Robert Burns:
“Here’s a bottle and an honest friend!
What wad ye wish for mair, man?
Wha kens, before his life may end,
What his share may be o’ care, man?

Then catch the moments as they fly,
And use them as ye ought, man:
Believe me, happiness is shy,
And comes not aye when sought, man.”

Book Review: How the Scots Invented the Modern World by Professor Arthur Herman

Looking at modern communications and the way that television pictures can be transmitted almost instantaneously anywhere in the world, it is worth remembering that the man who invented television was John Logie Baird who was born in Helensburgh in 1880. …
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The Master of Penang

The recently published historical novel tracks the real life of David Brown, who was one of the early pioneers to Penang and a true Scottish merchant-adventurer of the old school. The novel is based on family records and contemporary documents of a true and colourful life.

David Brown, a young Scottish lawyer of modest background, arrived in Penang in 1800 on an East Indiaman. Over the next twenty-five years he laid the foundations of a family business and a dynasty that would prosper and thrive until the Japanese occupation of 1941. Though a reserved and complex man of strong religious beliefs, he proved to be the quintessential Scottish merchant-adventurer – skillfully building up land, wealth and business interests. He founded the mighty Glugor spice estate and built there a fine Palladian mansion – the finest house of its type in the East.  He was also a man who lived life to the full: he had four wives (the last two concurrently…) and nine children.

David Brown was ‘The Master of Penang.’

If any member of the St Andrew’s Society wishes to obtain a complimentary eBook version of the novel, please contact Andrew Barber at the following email address and he will send you a free copy!

Extracts from Tam o’ Shanter by Robert Burns













Chieftain’s Chatter September 2020

Thank you to Past-Chieftain, Alan for the introduction and well done for doing a great job these past 2 years. Dear All, It is with great pride and privilege that I become the 129th Chieftain of the Selangor St Andrews …
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Chieftain’s Chatter August 2020

Dear all, It’s certainly not been the year we expected, that’s for sure! Every one of us has been impacted to a great extent, both personally and professionally, and it’s going to require a great deal of patience and resilience …
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Chieftain’s Chatter Dec 2019

Chieftains’ Chatter – December 2019 Dear All, Where on earth has the year gone? It’s been a quick one, hasn’t it? For the committee, the last few months have been busy ones; planning, preparing and putting on top events for …
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Chieftain’s Chatter Aug 2019

Dear All, A warm welcome back to many of you, following the long summer break. It’s been relatively quiet in terms of Society events since my last Chieftains Chatter, but rest assured, your committee has been working tirelessly behind the …
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Chieftains’ Chatter March 2019

Read all the latest news from our Chieftain.
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Chieftains’ Chatter – February 2019

Dear all, A warm, if slightly belated, welcome to 2019. Burns Supper Our first event of the year, the Burns Supper, took place on January 26th, and once again, those who attended were treated to a fantastic evening of entertainment. …
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