The Master of Penang

The recently published historical novel tracks the real life of David Brown, who was one of the early pioneers to Penang and a true Scottish merchant-adventurer of the old school. The novel is based on family records and contemporary documents of a true and colourful life.

David Brown, a young Scottish lawyer of modest background, arrived in Penang in 1800 on an East Indiaman. Over the next twenty-five years he laid the foundations of a family business and a dynasty that would prosper and thrive until the Japanese occupation of 1941. Though a reserved and complex man of strong religious beliefs, he proved to be the quintessential Scottish merchant-adventurer – skillfully building up land, wealth and business interests. He founded the mighty Glugor spice estate and built there a fine Palladian mansion – the finest house of its type in the East.  He was also a man who lived life to the full: he had four wives (the last two concurrently…) and nine children.

David Brown was ‘The Master of Penang.’

If any member of the St Andrew’s Society wishes to obtain a complimentary eBook version of the novel, please contact Andrew Barber at the following email address and he will send you a free copy!

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